Mi Sandar Oo, Kaowao
January 19, 2011

Three Pagodas Pass — Two Karen youth were wounded when fighting broke out between the Burmese government troops and the Karen National Union (KNU).

The fighting occurred on January 17 near a small Karen internally displaced village under the administration of the New Mon State Party along the motor road to Three Pagoda Pass, Mon State; says a Karen national to a Kaowao reporter under the condition of anonymity.

The two SPDC columns under battalion No. (406) were ambushed by the KNU battalion No. (16) near a small stream close to Hti War Doh village of Kyar-inn Seik-kyi Township in the Three Pagodas Pass area.

“The KNU soldiers had planted landmines and were waiting to ambush patrolling SPDC soldiers when the two sides opened fire on each other. “Two SPDC soldiers were killed on the spot and three were wounded,” said the man from Myine Thar Yar village who witnessed the conflict.

The man says 17-year-old Saw Sha Poung and 12-year-old Kyaung Kwut from his village were seriously wounded in the arteries of the hands and legs. The SPDC at the Three Pagoda Pass Township blocked them from receiving treatment at the International Red Cross clinic along the Thailand-Burma border.


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