Naw Ae Ni, Kaowao
January 13, 2011

The DKBA troop has accidently shot prisoners who were used for portering by the SPDC units on the border after fighting broke out earlier this week according to the DKBA military personnel officer from the Thailand-Burma border.

The five prisoners with their legs in shackles were carrying rations and ammunition while being used as human shields on the frontline to set off landmines. It is believed that both the SPDC and the DKBA use landmines.

“They were purposely ordered to stay close among the military soldiers in the manner of mixing,” said Saw Kyaw Thet, a DKBA military officer who heads a battalion on the frontline.

“We find it difficult to avoid shooting them because they are amongst the SPDC (soldiers). Very often they get shot along with the SPDC soldiers,” the DKBA military officer said.

“We saw some of them walking ahead of the SPDC soldiers.”

The SPDC uses many rounds of mortars in their battles against the DKBA group who recently broke away from the SPDC. The Burmese Army is fighting to clear away areas under the control of the DKBA’s military base in southern Maesot along the Thailand-Burma border. Their tactics have had some success in targeting DKBA soldiers who are hiding along the main routes waiting to ambush approaching SPDC soldiers.

The DKBA spokesperson says that they have used guerilla tactics against the SPDC columns led by Military Command Number (8) based in Karen State.  According to the DKBA, about a dozen SPDC soldiers have been wounded in this manner in which three have been killed.

At the time of reporting it is difficult to verify who and how many have been wounded on either side in recent clashes.


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